Ron Wood on The Road To Recovery?

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With all the problems Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood has been dealing with lately, there is news that the 61-year-old is finally starting to make progress in the right direction.

Separated from his wife of 23 years and likely headed towards divorce, Wood is now living with his 20-year-old girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova and has been battling his problems with alcohol abuse.Ronnie Wood

A strong warning from Wood’s band mates may have been the wake up call that Wood needed to make a determined effort to turn his life around. With talk of another Rolling Stones tour in the works, the rest of the group feared that they may have to exclude Wood due to his alcoholism.

Apparently, a thorough physical examination is required prior to a tour to clear the aging rockers for insurance eligibility – a test that Wood failed back in 2002 due to the fact that he registered an alcohol intake that was seven times the allowable amount. Months in an Arizona clinic were required to get Wood back in shape.

Recent word from former Faces band mate Ian McLagan is that Wood is back on the wagon and is making good progress.

“Ronnie is in great shape and good spirits. He’s not currently drinking,” according to McLagan.

Time will tell whether Wood can remain on the straight-and-narrow long enough to be part of the tour. Support from his girlfriend and band mates may be the key to keeping him on track until the start of the tour.

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