Ron Wood Returns Home To Patch Up Marriage And Enter Rehab

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In yet another, "Rock star enters rehab" story, this time we get word that Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones has decided to return home from his alleged love nest in Ireland in an effort to save his marriage and get a handle on his problems with alcohol by entering rehab.

Ron Wood There are various stories about what actually happened in Wood’s life recently, from a torrid affair with a 18-year-old (or 19 or 20-year old, depending on what story you read) Russian cocktail waitress, to a less exciting version of the story which claims that the waitress,  Ekaterina Ivanova, was simply a model for Wood’s painting.

Apparently, it was Woods’ son Jesse who went to visit his dad in Ireland and may have convinced him that coming home to save his marriage was the right thing to do. Perhaps the phone calls from some of his Rolling Stones band mates as well as pal Rod Stewart had some influence on the 61-year-old guitarist’s decision to come home as well.

A spokesperson for Wood is quoted as saying: "Following Ronnie’s continued battle with alcohol he has entered a period of rehab. His close family and friends say he is seeking help and look forward to his recovery."

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