Rush And Rolling Stone Magazine Bury The Hatchet

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It wasn’t too long ago that Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson said this in reference to Rolling Stone magazine: “They’ve never been much in the way of fans of ours — in fact, totally the opposite of that for the longest time. There’s been quite a bit of friction between them and us.”

image That was his reaction after learning that Rolling Stone wanted to send a reporter to spend some time with the group.

From that, we learned recently, that the relationship between the long-enduring Canadian rock trio and the magazine was showing signs of improvement, and now it appears official. The latest edition of Rolling Stone has a nice feature on the group which centers mostly around the group’s history, and quite a bit of talk about drummer Neil Peart in particular.

The feature is not yet available online, but as things typically work in the age of the internet, you can still check it out courtesy of some fan with a document scanner. This post on the “Rush Is A Band” site will lead you to the scanned images. The pages may have been a bit too wide for the scanner that was used, but you can still read pretty much the whole thing.

For Rush fans it’s really kind of nice to see them get some attention from a major music publication like Rolling Stone. Maybe they are finally being accepted more as a mainstream group, and that’s something that both the band and their fans may have mixed feelings about.