Rush Interviews And Press Conference

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Some new audio interviews and a press conference are available for Rush fans to check out as the group embarks on the second half of their Snakes & Arrows tour.

The lion’s share of this new content consists of audio interviews that were done with Alex Lifeson by rock radio stations. The audio interviews were done by telephone with Lifeson calling in from Puerto Rico where Rush was preparing for their first show of the tour that kicked off last night.

Although I expecting to hear pretty much the same thing on each audio interview, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each interview was pretty unique and covered varied topics which included things like how each member of the group specializes in some of their duties like overseeing cover art for albums and audio/video projects.

Lifeson also talked a bit about the guitars he is using during the tour, some of the weird items the group shares the stage with during their show, the current status of his Florida legal troubles, their recent impromptu appearance on stage with the Foo Fighters and how Neil Peart’s personal tragedies influenced the group.

Below you can hear the audio interviews and view the press conference that was done in Puerto Rico ahead of the first date of second half of the Snakes & Arrows tour. The press conference includes comments from Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee and we can only imagine that Neil Peart is somewhere on his motorcycle exploring the streets of Puerto Rico.

Thanks to Power Windows for this Rush News.

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