Rush’s New Album To Debut on May 1

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After five long years, the wait for Rush fans is nearly over. The band’s new album, entitled Snakes & Arrows is scheduled for release on May 1.

I’ve been reading periodic updates regarding the band’s progress on the album since they started working on it and I hope it is as good as their experience was while making it. Something I read a while back from Neil Peart indicated that it was the most enjoyable recording experience he ever had.

I’ve also heard from numerous sources that the inspiration for Peart’s lyrics on this album was largely a result of certain things he encountered during his many motorcycle tours throughout the U.S., especially those having to do with religious faith.

I don’t want to get into talking a lot about religion here, but I will say that I believe I am in agreement with much of what Peart has to say on the subject, although I have heard only very little of what was actually said. That little bit was quite revealing however.

In any event, I, like other Rush fans, am looking forward to see what the band has come up with this time. I am guessing it might be a bit different than anything they have done in the past, but since these three guys have never come out with an album I did not like, I’m pretty confident that I’ll enjoy listening to it again and again.

I have also heard talk of a summer tour this year but have not heard about any specific dates or venues up until this point.

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