Sammy Hagar UFO Revelation: Is The Red Rocker off His Rocker?

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I noted with some interest last week that Sammy Hagar has come out with a new autobiography, but didn’t take time to make note of it here. Maybe I should have paid closer attention because this story has gotten a bit more interesting. Hagar’s new book, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock led to media attention, particularly from the music-related media, like MTV, who spoke with Hagar and unearthed some unexpected revelations.

In addition to the usual stuff you might expect to find in an autobiography by Sammy Hagar, like tales of Eddie Van Halen’s drunken exploits and salacious stories like the alleged “sex tents” that were set up underneath the Van Halen stage so that band members could take turns going to visit the tents and have sex with willing fans during their performances. A solo by one band member reportedly allowed enough time for other members to indulge in these special “intermissions.”Sammy Hagar - Red My Uncensored Life in Rock

Beyond the sex, drugs and rock and roll stories something else emerged that’s, well, a little bit out-of-this-world.

In the book, Hagar admits having some unusual dreams about UFOs. When pressed by MTV, Hagar contends that at least some of his dreams were not dreams at all and were, in fact, some kind of contact with alien life. He describes it as some kind of “wireless connection,” accompanied by some type of “download” or “upload” situation.

That’s certainly terminology that’s familiar to most people these days, but Hagar’s alleged contact took place before any of that technology was invented, but in retrospect, that seems to be the way Hagar wishes to express the nature of his alleged “exchange” with beings from somewhere other than here.

Although he was encouraged to leave his alien experiences out of the book by Joel Selvin – the fellow that conducted all the interviews for the book – for fear that it might be a bit too far out, the Red Rocker was obviously unable to contain himself when prompted a bit by the MTV interviewer to expand on the subject.

There was a time when the mention of anything UFO-related would immediately brand someone as some kind of nut job, but over the years, that seems to have slowly changed, if only a little. Numerous television programs on the subject of UFOs or the possibility of alien life in our vast universe seems to have brought the subject a little closer to the mainstream.

I’m less judgmental about people who have said they have had experiences involving UFOs as a result of an experience that a close family member had. There was no abduction, contact or dreams involved, but there was an unusual sighting by someone whom I trust and know is credible beyond any doubt. In addition, although I did not see it myself, I was close enough to have easily heard the UFO in question if it was any type of conventional aircraft.

Granted, Hagar’s claims regarding the alien “download” or contact are certainly more sensational than your typical “lights in the sky” report, but I for one, hesitate to paint someone like Hagar with a wide brush by branding him a crazy person or whatever. Personally, I’ve never experienced any kind of “contact” or anything of the sort. Hell, I’ve never even had a decent sighting! I do however try to keep my eyes open in case an opportunity presents itself.

Although the whole UFO thing does not figure prominently within the pages of his book, those who may be interested in reading about Hagar’s adventures and experiences as a decadent rock star can always pick up a copy at Amazon.

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  1. B.P. April 7, 2011 at 11:05 am

    I’m sure Hagar believes in his UFO experiences, but could those experiences have been influenced by any external factors?

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