Scorpions Paris Video Interview

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An interview conducted by two members of Scorpions in Paris, France has recently surfaced and was posted on YouTube.

The interview lasts for about 10 minutes and features Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker answering questions about their new album, Humanity: Hour 1.

Meine, who seems to do most of the talking, explains some of the concepts behind the new album and how the band wanted to create something a little more mature and has a message about the current state of the planet.

I wish he had given Schenker more of a chance to say something, but maybe he’s just not the kind of guy that likes to do interviews. Meine sure didn’t seem to have any problem coming up with an impromptu speech, which sure limited the number of questions from whomever it was that was sitting in front of them.

The clip ends before the interview is complete so maybe things evened out a bit later on and perhpas Rudolf was given the opportunity to say a bit more.

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