Some Scots Feeling Snubbed By AC/DC

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Although the upcoming AC/DC tour will include a number of European dates, Scotland is not scheduled to host a single one of them, and some Scottish fans are feeling a little betrayed by the rockers from down under.

A Scottish DJ has taken the ire of his fans to the airwaves by boycotting any AC/DC tracks during his drive time radio show. Rock Radio DJ David "The Captain" Grant plans to exclude AC/DC from his song list unless they agree to visit Scotland and put on a show for their fans there.

"I will not be playing another AC/DC song on my show for a long time to come, or until the band change their mind on coming to Scotland as part of the tour,” says Grant.david-the-captain-grant

Although the Black Ice tour will be making stops in Dublin, Manchester, London and Birmingham, no dates have been planned for Scotland, which apparently does not suffer from a shortage of AC/DC fans, many of which have called Grant’s show to express their disappointment.

Apparently, brothers Angus and Malcolm Young were actually born in Glasgow, which, as you might expect, adds a little dose of salt to the wounds that some dedicated AC/DC fans in Scotland are now suffering with.

Glasgow was also the city where the group’s first live album was recorded. If You Want Blood was recorded at the Apollo in 1978, so it’s clear that AC/DC has some long-lasting connections with Scotland.

The radio station where Grant works has started an online petition in an effort to persuade AC/DC to add Scotland to their tour itinerary, which will be presented to the band’s record company.

Since AC/DC has revised their schedule at least once already, and added new dates for the North American audience, perhaps the Scots have a chance at getting the group to make at least one more addition.

You can read more about this at The Evening Times.

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