Stones Guitarist Possibly Facing Expensive Divorce

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U.K. papers are now reporting that Jo Wood, wife of Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood, has enlisted the services of her attorneys as a result of his on-going affair with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova. It’s certainly not a stretch to speculate about a possible divorce once the lawyers begin to get involved.image

It may have been the recent photograph of Wood enjoying a romantic dinner with Ivanova that pushed his wife to  contact her legal team. “Jo has had enough of his behaviour. She feels humiliated, spurned and furious that her best friend has treated her like that,” a friend reported.

The good news for Jo Wood is that her legal team is said to have informed her that she is in a very good position, and stands to benefit from a potential divorce settlement that could be in the $90 million range.

There seems to be little doubt that wife Jo has dedicated considerable time and energy in her support of her husband of 23-years, and has joined the Rolling Stones on every tour, and made sure Wood was well-fed and well-dressed. She was also responsible for handling the couple’s finances.

Despite the signs that are currently pointing to a divorce in the works, Jo Wood says she would still like to remain friends with her husband, and still cares for him despite all the recent problems.

Having given so much support to her husband through the years, it certainly seems like her legal team could be quite right about her chances of being on the receiving end of a very large settlement. That certainly won’t make Ron Wood a pauper by anyone’s standards, but $90 million is sure to make a noticeable dent in his savings account.

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