The Scorpions ‘Talk On’: Another Klaus Meine Interview

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Thanks to Jeb Wright at Classic Rock Revisited, Scorpions fans have another good interview to check out. Klaus Meine spends some time talking to Wright about their latest album and a few other things.klaus

You sure can’t knock Meine or probably the rest of the guys in the band for being pessimists. In the interviews I have seen with these guys, they are always talking about using the influence of their music to change the world for the better.

Although the Scorpions were said to have stepped away from their classic sound with the album Eye II Eye, Meine says that is certainly not the case with Humanity: Hour 1 and I agree with him. I have heard the album and there would be no doubt in my mind that this was a Scorpions album if someone had played it to me without telling me what it was.

I’ve enjoyed the Scorpions since the early 1980’s when a friend introduced them to me and I still listen to a lot of their stuff today. It’s good to see that they are still making more music and still touring. And feeling good about what they are doing as well.

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