Tommy DeCarlo Audio Interview

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From the way Tommy DeCarlo talks about his experience as the lead vocalist for legendary rock group Boston, the appreciation he has for the opportunity has not diminished at all. The former Home Depot employee recently talked to the folks at for about 36 minutes and shared some of his memories from the amazing journey has been on since he was discovered after posting some of his vocal performances on the internet.

You can tell that talking to DeCarlo is not like talking to a veteran rock star, and that’s kind of cool, since he sounds more like the guy next door than the guy on stage in front of screaming fans. Originally from Utica, New York, it’s easy to tell from his accent that he’s not native to the North Carolina home he shares with his wife and wife and two kids.

Although it’s not entirely clear what DeCarlo’s future with wind up being, he’s enormously grateful for the experience he had working with the band while touring with Styx last year. Spending time on the road with them evolved into a friendship with the guys from Styx that continues today. DeCarlo described his recent reunion with Styx at one of their shows as like seeing family.

Boston founder Tom Scholz is said to be working on new material, something DeCarlo would surely be interested in if he is invited to participate. Asked whether he would be willing to go on tour with Boston again, he jokingly says “Let me see. Let me think about that,” and then delivers a very decisive “Yes, I would love to.”

Despite the uncertainty of his future with Boston, DeCarlo is not sitting just around his house waiting for the phone to ring. He has involved himself in some of his own projects and reveals that he has been working with some writers and producers and doing jingles, which gives him some valuable experience in the studio. He describes it as a “great little gig,” and is something that probably allows him to continue to enjoy freedom from his old job at Home Depot.

Although I don’t know the exact details of Tommy DeCarlo’s employment status today and whether or not his musical endeavors earn him enough to pay the bills, I think the thought of returning to Home Depot after touring with Boston would be pretty tough on just about anyone. However, if it had to be done, DeCarlo strikes me as the kind of guy that has the humble, unassuming attitude that would allow him to put that orange apron right back on again and go back to helping customers navigate around the store.

I really kind of doubt that’s something he’s going to have to worry about though.

There’s a lot more in the interview which can be listened to at

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