Two New Tracks From That Band With The Weird Name (Chickenfoot)

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The first time we heard the name Chickenfoot tossed around, it was said to be the name that a new supergroup was going to be using until they came up with something better. Well, it is starting to look like the guys that make up this group have decided to give up on selecting a new name after all.

Their website is online and is now featuring two newly-released tracks. Someone has also put some time into coming up with their apparent logo which may be best described as a square peace sign and also the type style to be used when their name is in print, complete with backwards “K” in the middle.chickenfoot

Regardless of what these guys call themselves, it is obvious that they can play. It takes me a while to really settle on whether I really like a group or not, but so far, my impression of their hard-rocking sound is a favorable one. As a confirmed sound snob, I’m always impressed by good mixing and engineering and to my ears, the mix on these two new tracks is very nicely done.

I really like Joe Satriani’s guitar sound and Chad Smith’s drums sound great as well. There some real nice power on the low end of these tracks, which are set to be included in the group’s forthcoming album. Dare we speculate that the debut album will be called Chickenfoot?

Of the two tracks, “Soap on A Rope” and “Down The Drain”, which are two names that obviously compliment each other within the context of personal hygiene, I probably have to say I prefer the former. “Soap on A Rope” just flows better for me, while “Down The Drain” sounds just a little disconnected to me at times.

Overall, I’m liking their sound so far and am looking forward to see what else they have planned for the new album, which is rumored to be ready for release next month. They are also talking about a tour, which we will likely be hearing about more in the near future.

As for the name, the videos on their site make it look like they have taken a liking to it. It’s not a name that will be easily forgotten, that’s for sure.

Check out their site for their videos and the two tracks from the new album.

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  1. Billybobblehead June 14, 2010 at 10:29 pm

    Down the Drain might sound disconnected at times because I read somewhere that recording was the first time they actually composed the song together. I think they had some idea in their minds for another song but they accidentally just started playing their stuff together when the record light was on. It’s my favorite song though, I don’t know why.

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