Tyler Confirmed as Aerosmith ‘Fall Guy’ During Toronto Gig

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This time it’s pretty clear that Steven Tyler had a little “help” with his latest dive off the catwalk. During what appeared to be a little playful hip-bumping during the band’s show at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, Tyler appeared to have lost his balance and fallen forward into the crowd. He was quickly back on the catwalk and apparently unharmed after landing on his feet.

Video of the incident suggests that Tyler bumped guitarist Joe Perry first and when Perry followed suit, Tyler was knocked into the audience, some of whom probably got a kick out of the up-close encounter with the legendary performer. After the fall, Tyler defiantly announced that “It ain’t gonna happen again, baby.”

It’s not clear if Aerosmith’s version of on-stage contact sports had started before the initial bump by Tyler that appears on the video, but I suspect that the former toxic twins will either refrain from risky catwalk shenanigans or be much more careful about how they are executed in the future.

To me it appears that Tyler’s bump was a bit more aggressive than the one that Perry delivered in return, but Tyler’s a pretty skinny dude in comparison. Additionally it looks as if he may have been leaning forward a bit toward the audience and the fall was just a simple matter of poor timing.

Perhaps that was the reason that Tyler attempted to deny access to the catwalk for J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf at their recent hometown show at Fenway Park. That damn catwalk is just too dangerous for amateurs!

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