Tyler Tumble Postpones Aerosmith Show in Paraguay

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Steven Tyler has certainly suffered through his share of mishaps over the last few years and recent reports out of Paraguay reveal that the flamboyant front man has once again found himself on the losing end of a brief battle with gravity.

Tyler, who is in the South American country with the rest of Aerosmith for their first-ever concert there, reportedly suffered a nasty fall while in his hotel room shower sometime Tuesday. Although he is said to have broken two teeth and suffered cuts to his face, the Paraguay show – which is expected to draw more than 50,000 fans – is only being postponed one day.shower-head

Tyler received treatment at a private hospital where he spent some four hours. In addition to treatment for the cuts to his face, Tyler also underwent emergency dental surgery for the placement of two dental implants. Tyler was discharged from the hospital after the successful treatment and returned to his hotel room to recover from his injuries.

A spokesman for the company that organized the show, Marcelo Antunez, said that only a single day postponement would be necessary after Tyler’s “small accident.” Gustavo Perez, a bellboy at the Bourbon Hotel where Tyler is staying seemed to think the incident was more serious and described it as a “nasty fall.” Personally, if I had to choose between believing a hotel bellboy or a PR guy working for a concert organizer, I’d have to go with the bellboy. Losing two teeth sounds like a bit more than a “small accident.”

A report by another individual associated with the concert organizers said that Tyler was suffering from dehydration and gastrointestinal problems prior to the fall which may have been contributing factors in the accident. Whether Tyler has fully recovered from those conditions was not revealed, but fans holding tickets may also be holding their breath as well, hoping that Tyler is indeed well enough to perform one day after the shower mishap.

Tyler’s last known fall took place during a show in Toronto last summer and did not result in any injury, but a previous stumble at a show during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally back in 2009 took Tyler out of action for a while and derailed the group’s tour; an event that lead to a lot of uncertainty about the future of Aerosmith.

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