Van Halen/David Lee Roth Reunion: On Again, Off Again…

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OK, according to, the on again, off again Van Halen reunion with Diamond Dave is back on again and the boys are talking about a tour this year. Wow, these guys don’t beat around the bush do they? That is, if this new rumor is based in fact.

The tour is being planned for September according to this most recent information and dates are currently being planned.

With Eddie Van Halen’s recent exit from rehab, perhaps things really are looking up this time and Eddie is feeling the itch to hit the road and play some rock n’ roll.

If this is the real thing this time, there should be plenty of news coming out about this in the near future since we are only three months away from September as I write this.

Here’s hoping they get it done this time and put and end to all the rumors.

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