Whitesnake Album, Tour Drawing Near

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With a new album set for release on April 22 and a European tour this summer, Whitesnake is back in the news. With 10 years or so passed since their last studio albums, fans may not have expected to hear from the rockers again, but they are indeed back.

The group’s new album, Good To Be Bad, will be released on SPV on image April 22 and frontman David Coverdale took some time to talk with Billboard recently.

Plans for a U.S. tour are being discussed but are not yet final. European fans will be treated to a tour that features Whitesnake and Def Leppard, who also happen to have an album coming next month.

Coverdale reveals that he and Def Leppard’s Joe Elliot are old friends who are both surprised how well their tour is being received. They have decided to add new dates due to the fact that because the arenas are selling out three months in advance of the tour.

Whitesnake fans may also be looking forward to the release of a newly remastered 3-disk set to celebrate the groups 30-year anniversary. A live Whitesnake DVD is also said to be in the works.

When asked what inspired him to emerge from retirement, Coverdale mentions his experience touring with German rock legends the Scorpions and how he finished up that adventure with a smile on his face and a large sum of money, which prompted his wife to encourage more activities of that nature.

To avoid portraying the Whitesnake frontman as too interested only in the financial rewards of the music business, it should be noted that he was also quoted as saying: “I thought this is an opportunity to keep me happy and make other people happy, too.”

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