AC/DC Graces Cover of Latest Issue of Rolling Stone

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Much the way they recently recognized and acknowledged the achievements of Canadian rock icons Rush, Rolling Stone has decided to feature AC/DC in the most recent issue of their publication. It’s clear from some of the fan comments on the Rolling Stone website, that many fans believe this attention is long overdue.

It appears that Rolling Stone has dedicated a hefty portion of the issue to the Australian rockers who have rocked their way back into the spotlight with their latest album Black Ice and a tour that is currently underway.

In the excerpt of the cover article on their website, Rolling Stone talks with frontman Brian Johnson about the group’s lead guitarist, Angus Young, whose trademark schoolboy uniform certainly distinguishes him from his rock star peers in a very unique way.Angus Young

Johnson also speaks about Young’s boundless energy on stage, a phenomenon I witnessed not all that long ago when I had a chance to review their No Bull DVD. But like Alice Cooper recently talked about, the man on the stage and the man off the stage are two quite different people.

When not gyrating around the stage during one of their hard-rocking performances, Angus Young is known as a “a passionate, quietly dogged craftsman pursuing the endless possibilities in Fifties-R&B and Sixties- British-rock guitar, in the fundamental slash and drive of Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, the early Rolling Stones and the Yardbirds. Offstage, without the suit, in AC/DC practice and recording sessions, Angus is “dead still,” Johnson says. “He smiles, smokes, concentrates.”

And, as the article points out, Young actually plays while sitting down under those circumstances. Something that many AC/DC fans might find hard to picture.

For more, visit Rolling Stone.

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