AC/DC’s Brian Johnson In New Interview

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As Aussie hard rockers AC/DC prepare to rock their way through the European leg of their Black Ice tour, vocalist Brian Johnson sat down with António Freitas, the host of the Portuguese radio show Alta Tensao for an extensive interview.

The interview covered a lot of ground, including talk of AC/DC’s beginnings and how Angus Young’s habit of running out of his house to rehearse after school while still wearing his school uniform turned into a gimmick that the energetic guitarist has stuck with through the band’s history.

Johnson takes a few shots at the critics who talk about AC/DC as the same old thing and goes on to talk about how, as a group, they have always made a conscience decision to stay clear of issues like politics and religion, and just focuses on the music and stays true to their fans.brian-johnson

Johnson’s comments regarding his own feelings about fame portray a guy that’s not particularly comfortable with the idea of being endowed with celebrity status. Johnson’s comments lead one to believe that this is a group that is happy to think of themselves as regular guys.

Speaking of being endowed, there is a rather funny story Johnson relates about a particular technique that was employed by drummer Phil Rudd for the purpose of “inspiration.”

This is an interview that every serious AC/DC fan should check out. Johnson comes across as a guy who does not hold back much, and is comfortable speaking his mind.

The interview runs about 20 minutes and the audio is English, since presumably, Johnson does not speak Portuguese, but there are Portuguese subtitles.

Blabbermouth broke news of the interview on this side of the Atlantic, and it can be seen at the António Freitas website.

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