Aerosmith Search For Frontman Continues As Kravitz Kills Rumor

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I’m not sure it was ever really clear if the latest Aerosmith rumor regarding Lenny Kravitz was something that was actually being talked about within the group, or was just another crazy rumor that swept the classic rock world after a comment from retired A&R exec John Kalodner, who has worked with Aerosmith in the past.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone magazine, Kalodner commented that he thought Kravitz was the only guy that could make a go at replacing Steven Tyler. Whether that actually resulted in any talk between Kravitz and Aerosmith is unknown at this point, but apparently the rumors gained sufficient traction to  prompt Kravitz into action, and he put the kibosh on them Monday.

Kravitz jumped on the internet and logged into his Twitter account to let the world know he will not be joining the ranks of Aerosmith.

“As much as I am flattered that Aerosmith’s camp would consider me to front the band, Steven Tyler is a family friend, and no voice could ever take the place of his. I hope the band stays together. They are classic. Lenny”

So another rumor bites the dust. It is kind of cool that Twitter seems to be evolving into the new press release channel for celebrities and rock stars. It’s great that they can go straight to the fans instantaneously and not have to rely on the media to communicate with fans. Does anyone even trust the media any more?

With this latest Aerosmith rumor in the trash and Steven Tyler staying mum on the details of his plans for the future, fans will just have to wait for the next rumor to surface. I’m betting they will not have to wait too long.

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