Aerosmith Spouse Likes It Live

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Billie Perry, wife of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry is not a big Aerosmith fan. At least not when it comes to their recordings. Mrs. Perry says she has never listened to an Aerosmith album in its entirety and despite having ordered a couple of the group’s songs from iTunes, she says she has not listened to them.

She goes on to say that she has listened to the group’s music live and feels those are the circumstances in which their music can really be enjoyed. In fact, she considers Aerosmith as one of the best live acts in all of rock, and explains that “without the live show the songs n lyrics don’t move me.”

These revelations come to us by way of Twitter, which seems to be a medium of communication where we are seeing more input directly from celebrities, and in this case, celebrity spouses. After being accustomed to having everything filtered through a spokesperson or manager for decades, it’s really quite interesting to see how some well-known rockers come across in their own words.

For example, Yes frontman Jon Anderson has a unique way of writing on his personal website, beginning many items with “zoooooooom” or some variation thereof. I suppose only Anderson knows for sure what that’s indicative of, but it hints at subtitles in personality that may have been stifled previously by the management filters.

Regarding the release of her husband’s new CD, Have Guitar Will TravelBillie Perry seems to be a fan, at least according to one tweet I was able to locate where she wrote that “it rocks.” Hubby Joe has been busy promoting it, recently appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Perry lists some of her favorite rock singers as “Elvis,Bono,Beatles,Jim Morrison,Jack White,Hagen,Jimi Hendrix,Chrissy H,Robert Plant,Joe Perrys bluesy rock.”

Both Joe Perry and wife Billie can be followed on Twitter using BilliePerry and AdmiralPerry.

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