Aerosmith Tour on Hold For One or Two Months

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It appears that fan fears of a halt to the current Aerosmith tour were justified. Talking with WXRX radio, guitarist Joe Perry reveals that it is expected to take longer than first believed for frontman Steven Tyler to recover from his recent fall, Joe Perry Photo From and the tour is now on hold.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen, when the tour’s going to pick up, I’ve heard anywhere from four weeks to two months,” Perry reported. “I don’t know what we’re going to do with the tour.”

Although there was no talk regarding the exact nature of Tyler’s most recent injuries, there are reports from other sources that are saying Tyler is suffering from a broken shoulder. Not quite as dramatic as the “Steven Tyler is dead” nonsense that has been making the rounds, but for a guy who tore a major leg muscle not long ago, it’s a tough break.

Although the “official” word has not come down yet on the status of the tour, it is probably a pretty safe bet that Perry knows what’s going on and would not be talking about putting the tour on hold without good reason.

Perry’s not sitting around doing nothing while he waits for the tour to resume, however. “As soon as … I knew the tour was going to get postponed or canceled or whatever, I was like, ‘All right where’s the first radio station?’,” he said. He also plans to work on some new music and do some traveling. From the sound of it, he may have plenty of time to get some of those things done.

For more details, check out Canada’s Leader Post.

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