Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler To Pen Autobiography

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It must be nice to have publishing companies bidding against each other for the rights to publish your autobiography. The most recent legendary rocker to enjoy that experience is Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler.

Ecco, an imprint under the HarperCollins umbrella won the auction, and has reportedly agreed to shell out $2 million for Tyler’s story. Perhaps stories would be a better way to put it, since I’m sure the aging rocker has a wealth of Steven Tyler exploits to draw upon after so many years fronting such a successful rock act.

Publishers are obviously willing to pay handsomely for the kind of colorful work that results when rock stars start sharing a few secrets. Tyler’s offer of $2 millions pales a bit in comparison to the $7 million deal that Keith Richards managed to land with Little, Brown, but with Richards’ deal being reported as a “world rights” deal, that may command a higher price. The exact nature of Tyler’s deal was not revealed.

Guitar legend, Eric Clapton, also enjoyed success not long ago with his own autobiography, and was one of the Doubleday Publishing Group’s best-selling titles of 2007.

To say that Steven Tyler has had an interesting and eventful life would be an understatement. He’s overcome a heroin addiction, and is the father of actress Liv Tyler, who recently revealed that she would like to move in a little on her dad’s action by becoming a singer, and would love to do a musical on Broadway.

There was no word on the timetable for the completion of the book, but there will no doubt be an impressive number of Aerosmith fans who are willing to part with a few dollars to read Tyler’s story when it hits bookstore shelves.

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