American Idol Ozzy Osbourne-Joe Perry Rumor Called “Crap”

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I guess I was surprised as anyone to see Joe Perry on the American Idol finale performing with — of all people — Sanjaya Malakar. It seemed and odd pairing, but I guess you never know what they will do on that show.

The New York Post reported that it was Ozzy Osbourne who was originally scheduled to perform with Sanjaya and backed out of the deal at the last minute when he learned he was to perform with Sanjaya. At this point, according to the Post, they managed to get Joe Perry to sign on for the job.

The official Aerosmith Blog disputes this version of the story and calls it a “load of crap.” And then goes on to talk about how Aerosmith fans were not too happy about Perry showing up on American Idol, and how Perry thought Sanjaya was a very nice kid and had nothing but respect for Perry.

I have no problem believing Perry. I watched all of American Idol this year and from everything I saw, Sanjaya did seem to be a really good-hearted kid. Granted, he looked like a fool performing with that “Mohawk” hairstyle, and he’s a mediocre singer at best, but there’s a lot to be said for just being a good kid when there are so many other kids out there getting into all kinds of trouble that’s a lot worse than wearing a phony Mohawk hairstyle on national TV.

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