Bad Company Moving On After One More Show

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For reasons that are a bit more complicated than your typical reunion of aging classic rockers, Bad Company will be reuniting for one night only on August 8th at the Seminole Hard Rock & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

What’s a little unusual about this show is that it is being done partly for legal reasons. Apparently, there is some possibility that other groups could adopt the name Bad Company if the original group does not demonstrate that they are still the legal owners of that name. Their attorneys have presumably advised them that performing a  image single show together will do the trick, and prevent the imposters from hitting the road beneath the Bad Company banner.

Paul Rodgers, who has been working with Queen these days, will be fronting the one-time show and appears to be looking forward to reuniting with some of his old mates. "It’ll be great to see the guys and play and go back down that road again just for one night," he says.

Performing with Rodgers will be original guitarist Mick Ralphs and drummer Simon Kirke. Paul Rodgers has always been a favorite of mine for his vocals and Simon Kirke is one of those drummers I always felt particularly in synch with when listening to him play. One of those things that’s hard to explain, I suppose.

Filling in for late bass player Boz Burrell will be Lynn Sorenson who is with Rodgers’ solo group.

They are dedicating the show to Steve Weiss who was an attorney for the group as well as for Led Zeppelin and Swan Song Records. Weiss died last week in Florida.

Rodgers says that he believes the show should be "pure Bad Company" and it sounds as if many of the group’s classics can be expected during the show.

He also reports that he has no further plans to work with Bad Company following this show and is keeping himself busy with his solo career as well as with Queen as they finish up work on their new album.

The show will be recorded for release on DVD as part of a Bad Company compilation that is expected later on this year.

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