Bon Jovi And Van Halen Lead Concert Earners

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Two classic rock groups are currently in the lead for the top-earning concert tours in North America. There are, apparently, a healthy number of classic rock fans who are willing to shell out the money for some pretty pricey concert tickets.

Bon Jovi occupies the number one spot on the list, with an average ticket price of about $94 and a typical boss office gross of $2,140,537 jon-bon-jovi per city. Wow.

In second place is Van Halen, with an average ticket price of about $112 and a typical box office gross of $1,457,801 per city. Not bad, and surely a nice incentive for them to get back on the road next month as planned.

The only other act that can probably be classified as a classic rock act would be Ozzy Osbourne who comes in at number nine on the list and boasts an average ticket price of about $68 and grosses $617,362 per city.

In case you’re wondering who came in third, it’s Hannah Montana, who as far as I know, is also known as Miley Cyrus. Given all the talk of Hannah Montana I have heard over the past year or so, it is impressive that both Bon Jovi and Van Halen are ahead of her on the list.

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