Bon Jovi Ticket Prices Cause Stir In The U.K.

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Some Bon Jovi fans in the U.K. are not too pleased about the ticket prices for the group’s string of shows at London’s O2 arena next summer. The New Jersey rockers were scheduled to begin the series of performances on June 7th of next year and continue through June 13th, but that has been extended with another nine dates being added after the original five dates sold out. That will bring the group’s “residency” to an end on June 23rd.

It appears there will be an ample supply of fans to make the shows a success, but there is also a vocal group of fans who are sharing their disappointment regarding the ticket prices. Comments have been showing up on various sites, including the band’s own official site.

One fan wrote, “I have been a fan for the past 24 years since I first heard ‘Runaway’ in 6th form common room and today is the saddest day as for the first tour since then I am unable to get tickets due to the ridiculously over stated prices!!!”

Another had this to say: “I have been a MASSIVE Bon Jovi fan since I have been old enough to listen to Music. i seriously hope the Guys have had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this BLATANT FLEECING of genuine fans for the O2 tickets.”How much the boys in the band have to do with setting ticket prices is not something I am privy to. It is interesting to see, however, a group (particularly frontman Jon Bon Jovi)  that appears to be so dedicated to philanthropic endeavors planning to perform shows that are excluding fans who may not be able to afford the tickets.

General admission tickets are reported to be selling from £45 (about $73) for the least expensive seats and topping out at £200 (about $325). Not a cheap night out for a lot of folks in the U.K. or elsewhere.

I suppose it should come as no surprise that someone who has made, and will obviously continue to make, as much money as Jon Bon Jovi recently admit that he bought into ownership of a New York restaurant. Accidentally!

While sitting around the dinner table with billionaire Ronald Perelman and fashion mogul Ralph Lauren, Bon Jovi heard the men talking about the Blue Parrot restaurant. Bon Jovi, thinking they were discussing the Blue Note jazz club tried to join the conversation. The next thing he knew, he was part owner of the Blue Parrot, with actress Renee Zellweger along for the ride as well.

Bon Jovi describes the Blue Parrot as “50-seat hole-in-the-wall for gazillionaires who drink and do a little karaoke,” which, by the way, is located in New York’s exclusive Hamptons area. And to think Mr. Bon Jovi is now an accidental part-owner. What a knee-slapper!

While he’s not accidentally purchasing part-ownership of exclusive restaurants, Bon Jovi occupies some of his time complaining about toilet seats. At least according to the scuttlebutt from backstage at the The X Factor show – a British version of American Idol.

Bon  Jovi was there to perform a few nights ago and was said to have been very particular about the seat on the toilet he was to be given access to. He reportedly demanded that a brand-new seat be installed, and insisted on inspecting it before it was actually put in place.

Perhaps he has a thing about toilet seats. After all, we all have our own little peculiarities about this or that. However, one would think that packing a container of those nifty little anti-bacterial wipes would be a more cost-effective solution. But I suppose when you’re Jon Bon Jovi, you don’t think all that much about that kind of thing.

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  1. Jim November 19, 2009 at 8:41 pm

    It is true that the Bon Jovi ticket prices are currently through the roof, but what are you gonna do? As we see in London, people will pay because Bon Jovi is simply one of the best bands of all time.
    .-= Jim´s last blog ..Top Ten Songs =-.

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