Boston Herald Ramps up Coverage of Tom Scholz Lawsuit

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Suing a newspaper sounds as if it could be a rather sticky endeavor. That’s not to say that it should never be done. Especially if something was printed that isn’t factual. There are cases on the books where newspapers (particularly the ones with the sensational headlines lining supermarket checkout aisles) have paid out huge settlements after finding themselves on the losing end of a celebrity lawsuit.

Tom Scholz’s lawsuit against The Boston Herald seems to have progressed to the point where some of the statements that are contained in the suit are making their way onto the pages of the very newspaper that’s been placed in Scholz’s crosshairs.tom-scholz-lawsuit-herald

The Boston Herald reports that they will begin “excerpting court papers relevant to the case and posting complete documents online on” The paper states that they intend to run this type of content as a series for the week.

The excerpts provide a glimpse into the details of what is alleged in the lawsuit, and some of statements that were made during a deposition with the ex-wife of Boston singer Brad Delp.

One must consider that the details of the lawsuit that are being printed by the Herald – the newspaper that is the defendant in the lawsuit. Whether or not that has any influence on what’s printed is not known to me, but it’s probably safe to assume that the Herald is treading carefully under these circumstances.

In glancing at the lawsuit coverage in the online version of The Boston Herald, I see that a number of related stories have also been printed, including stories entitled “Ex-Boston members, Scholz sparred in court” and “Scholz’s many lawsuits.”

One thing is clear to the casual observer, and that’s the appearance that Tom Scholz is not the kind of guy who takes things lying down. He’s a vigorous defender of his reputation, something that everyone is (or should be) entitled to do.

We’re bound to hear more from the Herald as this case progresses. Unfortunately, the most recent lawsuit involved the tragic death of Brad Delp, and I believe it’s safe to say that the real reason he did what he did was known beyond a shadow of a doubt only to him.

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