Boston To Resume Work on New Album Following Tour

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Recent word from Boston’s Tom Scholz is that the group hopes to resume work on their new album after their summer tour and have it ready for release just after the first of the year.

The summer tour starts in Thunder Bay, Ontario on June 6 and will be boston-band accompanied by two new members: Former Stryper singer Michael Sweet and Tommy DeCarlo.

DeCarlo was the fan that Scholz discovered in a Delp tribute video that was posted on YouTube.

The new album will be the first since the release of Corporate America in 2002, an album which Scholz says never sold well. Wanting to give some of the material from that album another chance, they are including some material from that album on the new one. The songs from the previous album will be re-mixed, re-arranged or re-recorded for inclusion on the new one.

Although Scholz has praised the work of late Boston singer Brad Delp and says he could never be replaced, he’s been impressed with the performances from the group’s two newest members and goes on to say that it seemed “wrong not to take it back out, and there were an awful lot of people out there that don’t want to hear Boston go away.”

For more on this story, see Reuters.

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