Boston’s Tom Scholz Speaks Out Regarding Recent Rumors

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It’s always interesting to report developments that involve Boston, since a lot of what has happened with the group over the years would make decent material for a television soap opera. These latest developments are no exception and it will not be surprising if these latest comments posted by Scholz on the group’s official website stir up some new controversy.

According to Scholz, rumors have been circulating recently about plans for performances by Boston or original members of Boston this year. Scholz states that there are no plans for Boston to perform this year and that many of the group’s members are busy with their own projects, including Kimberley Dahme, who is releasing a new CD and Michael Sweet who is touring with Stryper later on this year.

Scholz says that the group would like to do some touring next year, and is currently working on completing the next Boston album. But, that’s just the beginning. There’s plenty more from Scholz for those who like to stay abreast of the latest controversies that always seem to be swirling around some of the people who have been involved with Boston image through the years.

In an interesting new twist to the whole drawn-out battle that has been raging between Scholz and certain former members of the group, the popular website Wikipedia became a sort of battleground where Scholz says that inaccurate information was posted about the origins of the group, and who actually deserves credit for landing the deal with Epic records which introduced Boston to the world.

As some readers may know, Wikipedia, which refers to itself as “The Free Encyclopedia,” is an excellent source of information on a myriad of subjects. I have consulted it myself on countless occasions, but what’s really unique about Wikipedia is that it welcomes contributions from readers. In other words, I could visit the site and edit the section about former President Richard Nixon to include the fact that he was actually an alien from the planet "Gliese 581 e” (go ahead, look it up!).

Now we all know that Nixon was (probably) not an alien, and the folks who run Wikipedia would probably remove that nonsense pretty quickly. However, when it comes to matters that Wikipedia staff or contributors have absolutely no knowledge of, it becomes much more difficult – if not impossible – to separate fact from fiction. In situations like this, it can boil down to one person’s word against another.

For regular folks like myself, we have little to worry about where Wikipedia is concerned, since there are only a small group of people interested in our lives when compared to the lives of celebrities. There’s little incentive for anyone to create a Wikipedia entry about me, much less use it as a platform to publish their version of some significant event in my life. Basically, nobody with the possible exception of my family and friends would care.

This is not the case with Tom Scholz however, and he goes into some detail on the official Boston website regarding information that was posted on the subject of the group’s origin, who was actually involved and who contributed to the effort. Scholz says that he has made corrections to the information that was posted, only to have it reappear later on in a different form.

Checking the Wikipedia entry for guitarist Barry Goudreau, who was a member of the group, I see that at least some of the disputed information still remains. Perhaps Scholz has simply given up on the back-and-forth over this particular issue and has decided to spend his time doing other things.

As far as I know, there has been no final judgment regarding the lawsuit that Scholz filed back around the beginning of last year, claiming that the wives of late singer Brad Delp and former Boston guitarist Barry Goudreau had defamed him.

Some readers on the Boston Globe website have suggested that all of this nasty business involving current or former members of Boston is all about the money. Ultimately it appears that it will be the courts that decide how this mess gets sorted out.

You can read Tom Scholz’s comments regarding this latest flare-up on the Band Boston website.

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