Can It Be? The Led Zeppelin Rumors Are Back!

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I just about had myself convinced that the rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion had finally died off. The latest statements from the members of the legendary group seemed to hammer the final nail into the coffin that bears the battered remains of reunion hopes of weary fans around the world.

Well, no so fast! After what seems like a long drought, the rumors are back in the news again. This time, we’re hearing from our friends “down under” that Led Zeppelin is planning to perform somewhere in the Gold Coast region of that country.

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Have you heard the news? Zeppelin is coming!

In a story from Goldcoast, it is being reported that the famously off-again-on-again group may be headed for a venue known as Parklands. It is described as a “Multi-venue recreation centre, including harness racing, conference centre, Gold Coast Showgrounds and Jupiters Pavilion.”

Apparently, when officials associated with Parklands were approached about the possibility of Led Zeppelin paying them a visit, a bit of buck-passing ensued, with one official referring inquiries to another who was noted for his apparent fondness for the word “no” –- despite the nature of the question that was asked.

Music promoters were also reported to be evasive regarding the possibilities of a visit from the famed supergroup, or as close as we will ever come to seeing them anyway. Assuming that Jason Bonham would be part of any reunion, it’s kind of nice that the missing part of the band shares his DNA with the original, although some fans will still feel that no group except the original should be calling itself Led Zeppelin.

Perhaps this is all a grand prank. For all I know, the Aussies revel in April Fool’s activities on the 6th of the month rather than the 1st as we do here in the states, but I don’t think so.

Does this report hold more water than the dozens of others we have heard over the last 15 months or so? Who knows, but it surely looks like the Led Zeppelin rumor mill is beginning to grind out some new content to be tossed here and there, and keep the hopes of fans alive and waiting anxiously for more.

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