Cat’s out of The Bag: Steven Tyler Enters Rehab

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The recent suspicions that Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has been struggling with substance abuse problems seem to be confirmed by a report that says the 61-year-old rock legend has checked himself into a rehabilitation facility due to a dependence on painkillers.

Tyler’s decade-long series of injuries are said to have left him in chronic pain. His doctor reports that Tyler “…has suffered orthopedic injuries and has been in severe chronic pain which will require further surgeries on his knees and feet.”

Making matters that much worse, Tyler tumbled off the stage back in August during the group’s tour with ZZ Top and suffered a serious injury to his shoulder. An incident that is not quite so easy to shake off as it once may have been when he was a younger man.

The reports of Tyler’s recent odd behavior all makes more sense now. Although I do not personally have any experience with addiction, I know it is not something that should be taken lightly and it can cause people to do things they would not normally do. In light of the problems Tyler has reportedly had with chronic pain, it is not difficult to understand how he could end up where he is today.

Numerous others have found themselves caught in the same trap, and I dare say it is one that just about anyone could fall into. Pain sucks, and if you’ve got a pill that makes it go away, or at least more bearable, it makes sense that it might be a pill you have a hard time getting away from. Even conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh had his struggles with this kind of addiction. Tyler’s history of substance abuse probably made him even more susceptible.

Perhaps it was the talk from other members of Aerosmith about finding a replacement for him that prompted Tyler to take action. Maybe it was something he decided with help of his family.

Who knows? The important thing is that he seems to be taking the right steps to get his life back on track. He is quoted as saying he hopes to make a quick recovery and rejoin the band soon. He also added that the talk of a two-year hiatus from Aerosmith is not based on fact and that he “will enthusiastically be writing, recording and performing with Aerosmith as soon as things are handled.”

Sounds to me like the best possible outcome, and although it took him a while to accept his situation and make the decision to enter rehab, I think he deserves a lot of credit for doing the right thing for himself, his family and the fans.

Here’s hoping that Tyler makes a quick and complete recovery and is able to take his rightful place in front of Aerosmith again in the near future.

For more, visit the Los Angeles Times.

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