Clash of the Egos at Aerosmith-J Geils Show at Fenway Park

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Perhaps the headline might be more accurate if it started with “Clash of the Ego,” since it appears that one oversized ego seems to be at the heart of the matter. As reported by numerous media sources, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler started a heated argument with J. Geils frontman Peter Wolf over the use of a portion of the stage that extended into the audience.

Tyler is said to have approached Wolf the night before the show and informed him that he did not want him to step foot on that particular part of the stage. The argument, as reported by the Boston Globe, took place on the Fenway outfield as crews were finishing up work on the stage and accompanying equipment.

Presumably, Wolf didn’t back down and Tyler offered somewhat of a compromise and informed Wolf that if Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry had no problem with Wolf using that part of the stage, it would be OK with him as well. Unfortunately for Tyler, Perry decided on the high road and told Wolf he had no problem with him using that portion of the stage.

Lord knows what kind of new tensions this may have created between Tyler and Perry and what that means for the future of the band, which has already endured more than its share of trials and tribulations in recent years. Accidents, injuries, disagreements and substance abuse problems seem to have taken their toll on the group – particularly Perry who tends to be outspoken, and perhaps less willing than the other members of the band to tolerate nonsense.

The Globe reports, however, that at least on the surface, things between Tyler and Perry seemed just fine as they were observed talking quietly backstage before Saturday’s show. Maybe Perry is accustomed to this kind of behavior on the part of Tyler. The iconic frontman’s reluctance to let Wolf use what he apparently perceives as the premium on-stage real estate is not a new problem. He has apparently restricted other supporting acts like Sammy Hagar from using the coveted catwalk during their opening set.

It was surely an historic night given the fact that these two bands had never played together and neither one of them had ever played at the famous Boston ballpark. Although it was expected by some that the two groups would unite on stage for a special performance, that moment never came – due most likely to the bad blood between Tyler and Wolf.

With regard to the recent news that Tyler was being considered to feel a judge’s seat on American Idol, the story seems to be playing itself out in typical on-again-off-again Tyler fashion. One report quotes Tyler as saying he had decided to go ahead and take the Idol gig, while a story from TMZ quoted him saying that no official offer had been extended yet and that they would have to “lay out the bread for me.”

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