Classic Rock Briefs For December 1, 2008

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Drummer Michael Lee Dies At The Age of 39

Probably recognized most for his work with Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant, drummer Michael Lee has died at the age of 39. Lee was tapped to be a part of Plant’s solo band and remained with Plant when he reunited with Jimmy Page in 1994. He was also on both albums that resulted from that reunion, No Quarter: Jimmy Page And Robert Plant Unledded and Walking Into Clarksdale.

Lee was also known for his work with other groups including Echo & The Bunnymen, Little Angels, The Cult and Thin Lizzy, as well as for his playing in bands for several theatrical performances.

It was reported that Lee died as the result of a seizure after being out the night before and reporting that he was not feeling well. Former Queen frontman Freddie Mercury and KISS drummer Eric Carr also passed away on the same date, November 24.

Live Earth Event Cancelled

As a result of the recent terrorist attack in the Indian city of Mumbai, it has been decided to cancel the Live Earth concert that was to take place there.

Major rock acts such as Bon Jovi and Roger Waters of Pink Floyd were scheduled to perform.

Tour Rider From Van Halen Tour Revealed

Although there were no reports of requirements for M&M’s candies with the brown ones removed, the tour rider for the recent Van Halen tour does contain a few interesting details that may hint at the state of the personal relationships between the members of the band.diamond-dave

Frontman David Lee Roth was required to have a dressing room that was as far away as possible from the dressing rooms of the other group members. Roth’s dressing room was also required to be lacking any carpeting or rugs in order to facilitate his martial arts activities that are presumably part of his preparation for his performance.

Not surprisingly, a “study room” was also called for, where bass player Wolfgang Van Halen could spend time with a tutor. Being 16-years-old at the time of the tour’s starting date, private tutoring may have put a slight damper on his new rock star status, but his continued education was obviously considered important enough to add a private tutor to the tour.

Although no request was made for any alcoholic beverages in any dressing room, it appears that Eddie Van Halen’s on-stage cooler was stocked with a modest selection of wine. Full Story.

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