Classic Rock Briefs For Monday, October 20, 2008

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AC/DC’s Black Ice Hits Store Shelves Today

The store shelves, however, will be limited to Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores, where special display areas will be set up for the event.

Some tongue-in-cheek comments from AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson may have a few fans chuckling a bit today. The 61-year-old says that ticket sales for the upcoming tour have sold so briskly because fans expect that one of the aging rockers may die on stage.

Johnson was reported to have said: “Some fans are saying, ‘The singer’s 61. I’m going to that show, I might see him die.’ ”

Johnson does not appear to be taking his own jokes lying down and has hired on a trainer that will work with the singer to improve his stamina. With 42 dates on the itinerary, that does not sound like a bad idea. Full Story.

‘The Q’ Keeps on Rocking Texas

These days radio station changing formats to stay current with the desires of their audience is not a rare event. For one enduring rock station in El Paso, that has not been a decision that station management has had to wrestle with.

Since 1978, KLAQ-FM has been rocking the airwaves around El Paso and continues with no sign of a format change on the horizon. In fact, the station is keeping up with the latest in technology, including HD radio, a digital format that allows them to split their signal in two and provide more current rock music on one channel and classic rock on another.

Technology marches on and rock marches right along with it. Full Story.

Alice Cooper Interview

During the Canadian leg of his Along Came A Spider tour, the shock rock veteran took a little time for an interview with the CBC. Among other things, Cooper confesses to be terrified of needles, talks about his long marriage, his children and how he loves playing the part of Alice Cooper.

As a warning to fans planning to attend one of his shows, and have seats situated in the first 20 rows, Cooper ends by saying that they will be part of the show. In particular, watch out for the jugular vein.

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