Classic Rock Briefs For November 13, 2008

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Springsteen Plans To Debut New Song During ‘Sunday Night Football’

“The Boss” seems to have a pretty good relationship with the National Football League. Perhaps he is a big football fan, or perhaps the NFL big boys are major Springsteen fans – perhaps it’s mutual. Whatever the case, Springsteen – in addition to playing at the upcoming Super Bowl – plans to perform his latest new song during the NBC’s Sunday Night Football program on November 16.

“Workin’ on A Dream” was played only once by Springsteen at a Barack Obama rally not too long ago, so I suppose we can consider this upcoming performance the national debut of the new track.

Ozzy Seeks Foul-Mouthed Seven-year-old

I suppose a measure of pity might be in order for the parents of the kid who acts enough like Ozzy Osbourne to portray the aging rocker in a new television program.

The show’s makers are reported to be seeking a foul-mouthed seven-year-old to play Ozzy during his formative years, when he is presumed to have spent considerable time honing his cussing skills.

In addition to the ability to curse convincingly, the right candidate will also be required to speak with a Birmingham (U.K.) accent and have dark hair. Full Story.

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