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This is the first of the new features I have added to the site. At first you might think something like: “Yet another search engine. Big deal.” Well, this one is different.

What’s so different about this search engine is that it is not full of garbage. The major search engines do a great job of indexing the web’s content, but since they use automated procedures (often called “spiders” or “bots”) to seek out content, they tend to gather up a lot of junk along with the good stuff.

With millions of web sites out there, it would be impossible for any search engine to have people sitting there filtering the garbage out of their index. Maybe some day they will have programs smart enough to do it, but they ain’t there quite yet.

The other advantage is that this search engine is targeted. Very targeted. The only sites you will see results from are classic rock-related. I control where the content comes from so you will not see spam pages. You know, you’ve seen the crap that some idiots are tossing up on the web with little or no useful content and tons of advertisements.

If there seems to be enough interest in this, I may put up some other search engines as well. Maybe some that are targeted for certain bands, like a Rush (of course!) search engine where I would include all the best Rush web sites and blogs so you can search them all in one place and avoid all the usual crap you have to wade though when searching for stuff.

With a search engine targeted to a specific group you could search for almost anything and just about all your results would relate to that band. Say you were a drummer who wanted to find out what kind of ride cymbal Neil Peart is using in his new recording kit. You could go to the “Rush search engine,” type in “ride cymbal” and get a bunch of info about Peart’s ride cymbal without getting results for Steve Smith’s or Bill Bruford’s ride cymbals. You get the idea.

Go ahead and give the Classic Rock Search Engine a try. Like any other search engine, it’s free to use.

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