David Bowie Crafts Collection of His Personal Favorites

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David Bowie could likely be counted among some of the most unique rockers of all time. With a penchant for reinventing himself numerous times through the years, and creating an aura of mystery around issues involving his sexual orientation, one word that does not come to mind when I think of David Bowie is "boring."

Regardless of the controversies over his sexual orientation, and some of the wild rumors that circulated about the rockerDavid Bowie's iSelect through the years, there is no arguing with his success as a musician and performer. With an impressive number of hits such as "Fame," "Young Americans" and "Major Tom," Bowie has been a major force on the music scene for nearly four decades.

The most recent news from 61-year-old Bowie is that he will be releasing a new compilation of songs that represent his personal favorites. Culled from decades worth of his work, the new compilation, called iSelect: Bowie, will contain 12 songs that the performer himself says that he never tires of.

The compilation was originally included as a bonus CD that was bundled with the June 29 edition of the U.K. newspaper Mail on Sunday, which Bowie agreed to create after being asked by the newspaper to compile 12 of his own favorite songs for a limited edition CD to use as a giveaway.

Bowie obviously took the task very seriously and put together a selection of songs from his catalog that might be a bit surprising, considering the absence of the tracks that most of us think of as his major hits. The CD also includes commentary from Bowie for each track, outlining his reasons for selecting it as a personal favorite.

As an additional surprise, Bowie has included two tracks that are exclusive to this new compilation — one entitled "Time Will Crawl" (a re-mix from 1987’s Never Let Me Down) and the other "Some Are."

The new compilation is scheduled for release on October 14, although Amazon.com is advertising a September 30 release date on their site.

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  1. Layla September 5, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Your blog is where I hear the news first. I usually just start here and don’t have to search around much. As a longtime fan of Bowie (saw him in 75 for the first time) I am thrilled by this news and anxious to HEAR IT.

    Laylas last blog post..Purple Rain

  2. Real Rock News September 5, 2008 at 5:08 am

    Thanks very much for that nice comment, Layla.

    I’m glad to have you as a regular visitor.

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