Denials Follow Report That Charlie Watts Has Left The Rolling Stones

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Let’s hope this does not turn into another back-and-forth of confirmations and denials like we witnessed a while back with all the rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion. I suppose it should not be surprising to see that there are now denials surfacing after yesterday’s report from Undercover Music that the 68-year-old Rolling Stones drummer had decided to retire from the group.

A spokeswoman for the group is reported to have sent an e-mail message denying that Watts is leaving the group and added a few unkind words aimed at Undercover Music.

“Contrary to a fabricated story that ran this morning on a small music web site in Australia, drummer Charlie Watts has not left The Rolling Stones,” spokeswoman Fran Curtis is said to have written.

This news may be comforting to Rolling Stones fans, but considering how things work in show business, there are bound to be lingering doubts. Could it be that Watts has expressed his desire to leave the group and the other members are confident they will be able to change his mind?

It’s doubtful that Watts or any other member of the band could be swayed by promises of big profits. When you already have a lot of money, what’s the big deal over another million or twenty? This could be especially true for someone who’s looking at 70 in less than two years time. I certainly would not blame the guy if he just wanted to stay home, take care of his horses and relax for the rest of his days.

Who knows? Perhaps the report of Watts’ retirement was not accurate, but it is probably a sign that something is going on within the ranks of the Stones.

Fans and those of us with small websites who like to pontificate on subjects like this can only wonder and wait until we see evidence that Watts is still a member of the band. I’m sure the folks at Undercover Music are already contemplating a response to Fran Curtis in the event that their original report turns out to be true.

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  1. sub September 4, 2009 at 1:45 am

    undercover music has its foot jammed in its mouth, trust me….

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