Eagle Don Henley Chats With Billboard

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Sounds a bit like Don Henley might just be the kind of guy that likes to tell it like it is. In a recent eaglesinterview with Billboard Magazine, Henley says “We’ve just been sort of waiting for some of this bad music to die down, for certain trends to go away, so we can get out there on the dance floor again.” Boy, I bet I’m not the only classic rock fan that knows what he’s talking about!

Much of the talk during this interview, as expected, is about the Eagles’ forthcoming new album, Long Road Out of Eden, which will hit Wal-Mart shelves on October 30. Apparently, Wal-Mart will be the only place to get this new album since they have some kind of exclusive deal on it.

I must admit a little bit of a “Huh?” feeling came over me when I heard about the Wal-Mart deal, since I guess I am not such a big fan of that particular retailer. However, Henley makes a good point about them not being any worse than a major record label. Hard to argue with that.

As previously mentioned here, The Eagles are scheduled to perform at the CMA (Country Music Awards) ceremony next month.

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