Eagles To Appear on “60 Minutes” Sunday

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Eagles fans might be interested to know that The Eagles will be featured on a "60 Minutes" segment this Sunday, November 25 on the CBS Television Network at 7:00 p.m. EST.

Correspondent Steve Kroft takes the band back to some of their old stomping grounds, the Troubador Bar and Dan Tana’s Restaurant in West Hollywood for some interviews.

Also shown is some rehearsal footage from the Sony lot in Hollywood.

According to some comments for the segment by Eagles’ guitarist Glenn Fry, the group was at the point where they were ready to call it quits or come up with a new album, and he is quite happy that they all decided to opt for the latter option.

The group seems quite happy with the way the new album has turned out and Don Henley suggests that it measures up to the group’s older material that dominated the charts back in the 1970’s.

Most of the reviews of the new album, Long Road Out of Eden, have been pretty favorable so far. I simply have not had time recently to listen to more than a few tracks, but I hope to be able to give it my usual five or ten complete run-through’s before I comment on it.

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