Eddie Van Halen’s Ex Dishes More on Couple’s Past

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Actress Valerie Bertinelli continues to get a lot of attention in her travels to promote her new tell-all book. In a recent interview with Ladies Home Journal magazine, she says that then-husband Eddie was in denial regarding any connection between cigarette smoking and the mouth cancer he was able to overcome in 2002.

bertinelli-van-halen Instead, Bertinelli states that Van Halen put the blame on metal guitar picks that he had a  habit of holding in his mouth, presumably while he was performing. That conclusion may have been  reached with the help of an alternative medicine practitioner that Van Halen reportedly consulted during that time.

During the interview with Ladies Home Journal Bertinelli says, “You should have seen the guy (alternative medicine practitioner) he attributes his ‘cure’ to. They sat around drinking and smoking in our hotel room. But, well, cancer hasn’t come back yet, so who am I to say…”

On the other side of the proverbial coin, Bertinelli credits Van Halen with helping her to avoid a potential problem with an eating disorder by taking her to a hot dog stand and encouraging her to consume a chili dog with cheese.

“I have always loved food way too much to have an eating disorder,” she goes on to say.

So far there have not been any updates concerning Eddie Van Halen’s current medical condition and the official status of the Van Halen tour is still presumed to be “postponed.” Last word on Eddie was that he was undergoing medical tests to determine the exact nature of whatever medical problem it is that has sidelined the guitarist.

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