Faces Reunion Still On

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Despite the recent turmoil in Ron Wood’s personal life which involved a stint in rehab and a split with his wife of 23 years, the reunion with his former Faces band mates appears to be on track. Wood’s recent problems had cast some doubt on the possibility of a reunion, but a recent development indicates that they are close to taking their first steps towards that goal.

As reported by RayGigs.com, Wood and  Rod Stewart were scheduled to meet Monday in the studio for their first rehearsal to see how their memory of their material has held up through the years. Rod Stewart’s current bassist was set to join them for rehearsal due to the passing of Faces bass player Ronnie Lane last year.

All the remaining original members of the group were also set to show up for the rehearsal.

The Faces formed during 1969 and went on to release a total of four studio albums and toured until 1975 when Ron Wood left the group to join on full-time with the Rolling Stones.

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