Gilmour Now Rules Out Pink Floyd Reunion

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Saying that he is having “too much fun” on his own, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour does not see any possibility of a Pink Floyd reunion. There was talk last spring about a possible reunion after drummer Nick Mason was quoted as saying that he believed that the right event could bring the group back together again for a reunion.

If there is ever a Pink Floyd reunion, it appears that Gilmour is not interested in participating. The group did reunite for a performance at 2005’s “Live 8” charity event, but Gilmour now says “…once was enough.” He goes on to add,  “The gig itself was “excellent, really enjoyable. The rehearsals were less enjoyable. The rehearsals convinced me it David Gilmour wasn’t something I wanted to be doing a lot of.”

Despite some stormy relations within the group in the past, particularly between Gilmour and bassist Roger Waters, Gilmour says his reluctance to consider another reunion has nothing to do with bad relationships, and more to do with the fact that he feels it is something that he has done and seems satisfied with the current direction his career is moving in, revealing that he will be working on a new album at some point.

Gilmour also brings up the fact that he values family more than music, something we hear from other aging rockers these days that have probably spent more time away from their loved ones than they wanted, due to the demands of their musical careers.

Gilmour’s most recent project is a new concert album and DVD set that is scheduled for release on September 23. Recorded during the last date of his 2006 On An Island tour, where he performed at Gdansk, Poland in the shadow of the shipyard that gave birth to the Solidarity movement in 1980. The event was intended to honor the 26th anniversary of Solidarity,  which is credited with contributing to the downfall of Poland’s then-Communist government.

Look for a review of the new set here as soon as I am able to obtain an advance copy. As a long-time Pink Floyd fan myself, I’m looking forward to hearing how Gilmour and his current line-up sound when they perform some of those well-known Pink Floyd songs from days gone by.

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