Jason Bonham Leaving Foreigner At The End of August

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Jason Bonham, son of late Led Zeppelin drumming legend John Bonham, has revealed his intent to leave Foreigner, who he has been with since 2004.

 image In a recent interview with Detroit classic rock radio station WCSX, Bonham broke the news that he will be leaving Foreigner at the end of the month. The interview took place on the morning of August 22 with WCSX’s JJ & Lynne, while the group was in town for a performance at the Renaissance Center.

Although the interviewers asked about the possibility of further developments on the Led Zeppelin front and whether Bonham’s departure from Foreigner has anything to do that subject, Bonham indicated that it was "too early to tell" whether or not he will be working with them again, although he admitted that he had been over to the U.K. a few times to work with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, and play around with some new material.

Bonham said that his primary reason for leaving Foreigner at this time has more to do with spending time with his family than anything else.

He does still talk about his participation with the other three original members of Led Zeppelin at the O2 show, as well as every other opportunity he has had to play with them as "magical," and is hopeful that he will be working with them at some time in the future.

You can listen to and download the entire audio interview on the WCSX website.

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