Jeff Beck’s Turn To Weigh In on Led Zeppelin Reunion Plans

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There does not seem to be a shortage of opinions among their fellow music legends when the issue of a possible Led Zeppelin reunion comes up. Some believe that it would be a pointless undertaking without the cooperation of Robert Plant who keeps indicating that he has no interest in such an endeavor for at least a couple of years. Others use the opportunity to take a few cheap shots at the group and their musical abilities.Jeff Beck

Beck certainly falls into the former category, and believes that any tour billed as “Led Zeppelin” would be “pointless” without Plant. “I really don’t think it’s a good idea, not if Robert doesn’t want to. I was there at the one-off show at the O2 Arena and it was fantastic. But I think they should just leave it there,” he says.

Beck, a veteran of the The Yardbirds, a group in which Jimmy Page also was a member of, spoke highly of the group’s performance at London’s O2 Arena a year ago, but is obviously someone who does not buy a group called Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant.

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