Jon Bon Jovi Extends A Helping Hand To Hillary Clinton

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Presidential campaigns are expensive, and no one knows that better than Hillary Clinton who, after losing in the primary elections to Democratic rival Barack Obama, is in debt to the tune of about $6 million.

The New Jersey rocker plans to perform at a fundraiser on January 15 in Manhattan at the Town Hall. Ticket prices run between $75 and $1000, which makes the event accessible to the not-so-rich-and-famous, although my guess is that they’ll sell more $1000 tickets than $75 tickets.

Clinton is in line to be Obama’s Secretary of State, which creates some added incentive for her to pay down her debt, since ethics rules prohibit cabinet members from seeking campaign contributions. That means time is running out for the New York Senator’s fundraising opportunities.jon-bon-jovi

There probably isn’t much chance of a “Foreclosure Sale” sign showing up in front of the Clinton’s Chappaqua home, but even ex-Presidents and their Senatorial spouses probably aren’t too crazy about the idea of carrying that kind of debt forward.

Seems that it really does “Take A Village.” At least when it comes to paying off your creditors.

Bon Jovi, a well-known Democrat has been actively involved in supporting various political campaigns in the past, even hosting an event for then-candidate Obama at his New Jersey home.

There has been speculation that Bon Jovi himself may decide to run for political office at some point in the future. Rumors circulated a while back that he might be planning to run for Governor of New Jersey, but the rocker’s spokespeople denied that, and said that he has no plans to run for office since his “day job is going too well.”

In other Bon Jovi-related news, Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora’s ex-wife, actress Heather Locklear pleaded guilty recently to driving under the influence of prescription drugs. The former Dynasty star was arrested back in September by the California Highway Patrol after she was found sitting in her parked car, which was blocking other traffic.

As part of a plea deal, Locklear was sentenced to three years of informal probation (I wonder if that means she can opt for “casual Friday” attire when she reports to her probation officer?) and hit with the maximum fine of $900. She’ll also have to attend a driver training class.

I doubt Locklear will be in need of a fundraiser to pay the fine, but as long as she votes Democrat most of the time, she could probably count on Jon to help out.

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  1. ujin February 7, 2010 at 3:35 am

    in ‘number one’, jon said he definitely won’t get involved in politics.. and i niether want him to be a politician=)

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