KISS Begins Work on New Album

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It appears that KISS has decided to go ahead and begin work on a new album. Rumors started to emerge last year that Paul Stanley was entertaining the idea of a new record, but at the time, it appeared that he had not yet convinced the rest of the group to move forward on it.

The new album, now being described by Bassist Gene Simmons as “sort of a classic ’70s rock & roll vibe,” which matches up pretty well to the plan Stanley talked about last year when he referred to the project as “a real ’70s Kiss-style record.”kiss

As reported by Rolling Stone, Simmons says that “There’s nothing to prove to anybody. We’re not interested in musical trends or anything else. We’re too long in the tooth for that," and refers to the content of the new album as a “meat and potatoes thing.”

It’s been about a decade since KISS released their last album which was entitled Psycho Circus. Paul Stanley will produce the new record and appears to have the full support of Simmons, who is quoted as saying that “There’s nobody else I trust more than Paul.”

In addition to the studio work they will be logging for the new album, the group will also continue with their 35th anniversary tour which gets underway in Santiago, Chile on April 3 and will include other South American venues before moving north to Canada.

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