Latest Invasion Brings Aging British Rockers Big Bucks

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The year 2007 certainly saw it’s share of classic rock reunion tours. In yet another musical invasion from Great Britain, well-known rockers from a decade or two ago cleaned up nicely by performing in front of fans willing to pay handsomely to see their old favorites onstage once again.

Topping the list of big money-makers is The Police, who managed to collect and impressive $132 Million (give or take a few thousand) by selling tickets to U.S. fans for an average $114 per ticket. (Am I dreaming, or do I remember paying around $20 per ticket just a mere 25 years or so ago?)

Coming in second, but certainly not considering a visit to the welfare office any time soon is Rod Stewart who is taking home about $49 Million, thanks to his adoring fans.

In a close third, Genesis earned about $47 Million for their reunion tour that placed them onstage here in the U.S. for 25 shows.

At the back of the pack, but still showing an enviable profit is Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame, who managed to stuff his duffel bag with a reported $38 Million or so before heading home to England. I can only just imagine what kind of tax payments these blokes will be making!

Although other contemporary U.S. artists scored well in the earnings competition, it was The Police who take home the award for top-grossing U.S. tour for 2007 and that’s kind of nice to hear for an aging classic rock fan like myself.

Take that, Justin Timberlake!

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