Led Zeppelin Keeps The News (And Rumors) Coming

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OK, help me out here. Is it 2008 or is it 1972? Whether Led Zeppelin will re-unite for a world tour remains an unanswered question, but with these guys in the news so much lately, it sure is easy to believe that they are working their way towards “something.”

Today’s news brings word of an “Outstanding Achievement”  award being bestowed upon the men of Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin Early Days at the GQ “Men of The Year” award proceedings. Guitarist Jimmy Page and lead singer Robert Plant were on hand to accept the award.

Not more than a week or so ago, Page was essentially on the world stage when he performed at the closing ceremony for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing with Leona Lewis.

More Led Zeppelin-related news comes to us from the U.K., where music producer Joe Meek will auction off 5,000 or so items from his personal collection, including some previously unheard recordings made by Jimmy Page.

Let’s not forget the recent interview with Jason Bonham, son of late Zeppelin drumming legend John Bonham, when he revealed that he had been to the U.K. on an occasion or two recently to work on some new material with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones, which prompted a few media outlets to scream “Led Zeppelin Back In The Studio!” Personally, I think it’s a bit early for declarations like that, but it does appear that they may be working on something that we will be hearing a lot more about sometime in the future.

Speaking of John Bonham, he took top honors when the results of a poll by This Day In Music were recently tallied. The poll asked readers which dead rock star they would like to see brought back to life for one gig. After Bonham in the number one position, Freddie Mercury from Queen came in at number two, and occupying the number three slot was “The King” himself, Elvis Presley. Check out the link just above for all the results.

Getting back to the GQ “Men of The Year” awards for a moment, it is interesting to note that Foo Fighter and noted Led Zeppelin super fan, Dave Grohl was chosen as the presenter of Led Zeppelin’s award, and commented that being around the legendary rockers was like “being around gods.”

Now there’s a thought. If the surviving members of Led Zeppelin were in fact gods, they would most likely have the ability to bring John Bonham back for that one gig we talked about earlier. Now that would be a show.

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