Led Zeppelin Meeting May Decide Groups Future

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It has been revealed to Rolling Stone magazine that Led Zeppelin has made plans for a band meeting this month. Bassist John Paul Jones said regarding the meeting, that it “it could be fun to do more stuff.”

image One wonders if this is a meeting that will include just the original members or whether Jason Bonham, son of the groups original drummer, is also invited to attend.

Bonham was certainly not far from Jones’ thoughts however since he was mentioned during his conversation with Rolling Stone, adding that Bonham’s playing was “as fearless as his dad” with regard to trying out his own musical ideas.

This praise for Bonham seems like it may cast some doubt on the  recent rumors about Foo Fighters drummer Dave Grohl taking over as Led Zeppelin drummer for a reunion tour.

I’m guessing having Bonham “blood” as part of the formula means a lot to the original members. Especially in light of comments that have been made in the past about the group’s reluctance to perform as Led Zeppelin again without their original drummer.

We are undoubtedly closer to a decision about the much anticipated Led Zeppelin reunion world tour, and perhaps the results of this meeting will provide the news so many fans have been waiting for.

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  1. charlie c. January 15, 2008 at 8:22 pm

    pleace have the tour it would be aaaaaaaaawwwwssssoooommmme

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